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Ragland's Test

        In this test, we check your blood pressure 3 ways--with you sitting, lying on your back, and standing. While we certainly get information about your heart and circulatory system with any blood pressure test, the purpose of Raglandís test is to assess adrenal function. When you go from lying down to standing up, the adrenal glands normally put out a small amount of adrenalin to constrict the blood vessels. This narrowing of blood vessels prevents gravity from pulling the blood out of your head and into your feet. Adrenal fatigue is indicated when the blood pressure drops or does not rise by 8-12 points on standing. If youíve ever gotten a head rush when you stood up quickly, itís because your adrenal glands failed to perform this important task and the blood in your brain was quickly drained.


        Adrenal fatigue is one of the most common problems we treat in our office. Besides dizziness on standing (called postural hypotension) adrenal fatigue can also cause panic attacks, poor sugar handling, chronic inflammation, sleep disturbances, etc. Adrenal function is also closely tied to thyroid function, so when the adrenals become fatigued, they can put an extra strain on the thyroid, eventually leading to hypothyroidism as well. This can add to the clinical picture symptoms such as depression, weight gain, hair loss and lead to other organ dysfunction. The adrenals are often fatigued because of too much stress, sugar, or caffeine, however any one of the 7 factors can cause adrenal dysfunction.